Cara Membuat Account AGEA Valas Trading

 How do I open an MT4 account with AGEA?

There are two main parts to opening an MT4 account:
  • You need to ensure you have the software
  • And you need to have an appropriate Live account – Cent, Standard, or STP
To download software
  • 1. Login to your account
  • 2. Go to “Services” at the top right hand corner of any page on the AGEA site.
  • 3. Click “Downloads” in the left hand column of the Services page
Alternatively you can just click “Get Software” at the top right side of all AGEA pages. Open Account 1
Open Account 2 4. Go down the page to the MetaTrader4 section and within the highlight box click “MetaTrader 4 Platform Services”
Open Account 3 5. A box will pop up – Click “Save File”. It will be Saved into your downloads as ‘Agea-mt4-platform.exe”
Open Account 4 6. Find the saved file and double click it.
7. A pop-up box will appear – Click “Run”.
Open Account 5 8. The AGEA Agreement will come up, click “Next”.
Open Account 6 9. You will then see where the program will be saved, and can select whether you want a shortcut made and the program to open after installation. Click “Next”.
  • 10. The program will be downloaded, click “Finish” and you are done!
Now you have access to MT4 and can practice trading on your virtual desk where you have been given $10,000 virtual money to trade with.
Set up your Live Account
  • 1. Go to your “Account Center” (this can be accessed by clicking the button in the top right side of any AGEA page).
  • 2. Click “Platforms” > “MetaTrader” > MT4 Cabinet
Open Account 7
  • 3. On the page “MetaTrader 4 Cabinet”, click “Add a new account on the MetaTrader 4 Platform” which is at the bottom of the page
  • 4. Choose which account type you want: Cent, Standard or STP, and your primary currency, and then click “Add Account”.
Remember minimum deposits are required for these accounts as follows:
  • Cent - $10
  • Standard - $100
  • STP - $1000
To learn more about which account to choose see our Article “Which MT4 Account”
Open Account 8
As long as you have the required deposit, the account will now be added.
  • 5. A message will come up requesting you to enter a new password for your MT4 account.
    Note: The “Master Password” is the password you use for Streamster.
    If you do not add your password at this point, or want to change it at a later point, you can find this option at: “Account Center” > “Platforms” > “MetaTrader” > “MT4 Cabinet” . Then in the “Services” dropdown menu select “Change Password”.
Open Account 9
Now you will have your Account ID (which can be found again in the MT4 Cabinet if needed) and your password.
  • 6. Open your MT4 Software. Your Demo Account will automatically be displayed
  • 7. To change to the Live Account – Go to “File” > “Login”
  • 8. Enter your “Account ID” in the “Login” box, and your new password in the “Password” box.
Open Account 10
Open Account 11 The change the Server from “AGEA-Demo” to ‘AGEA-Live”.
  • 9. Now you can start trading live on MT4. Remember to transfer funds into your MT4 account at “Account Center” > “Funds” > “Transfer Funds”.